About Guru Made Sumantra

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Journey with this Balinese Guru and discover a world of wellness. Learn More

At a time when the world needs healing, a humble guru from a small village in Bali, Indonesia has made a promise: to heal people. It’s a vow that speaks volumes in silence.

YOGALOGY, In The Healer Project, Guru Made Sumantra, a fifth generation Balinese shaman healer (Balian), offers a selfless act of teaching and healing to countless individuals who are in search of physical and spiritual guidance.

Guru Made Sumantra. formed a worldwide tour to introduce authentic Balinese Yoga and healing to Australia 18 Mei 2008, France 29 Mei-12 Juni 2012, Nagoya 12 July 2007, Singapore 5-10 2010, Tokyo 7-12 Mei 2016, Kinabalu 8-10 July 2016, Kuala Lumpur 11-12 July, Dubai 13-15, Abu Dhabi 16-18 July, the United States 25 September-October 2016, and the Caribbean 8-12 October, Miami 12-15 October, London 21-24 October, Belanda 23-30 June 2010

Guru Made Sumantra will perform Energy Healing services and Yoga Healing classes. All funds Of Yoga and Healing collected will support Guru Sumantra’s travels to share his gift of love and healing with remaining funds to be provided to the Guru’s foundations in Bali.

As people continue to travel to Bali for their “Eat. Pray. Love.” personal journey, Guru Sumantra delivers a similar and powerful message of healing and finding one’s self without needing to travel the distance. The only distance being in finding your mantra.

Guru Made Sumantra was born in the village of Banjar Payogan, Ubud (Bali), and grew up in a family of traditional Balinese shaman healers (Balian).

The healing tradition was passed on from his grandfather and previous ancestors. In Indoneasia, Balinese shamans still play a central role in public health care. This has remained virtually unchanged since ancient times.

The Balinese lineage of healing normally skips a generation and is passed down through the male line. Guru Sumantra was the boy chosen by his grandfather to keep the lineage alive within their family. He is a fifth generation Balinese healer.

Guru Made Sumantra began his healing practice within his own family, gradually extending his services to neighbors and eventually to anyone who heard about him. In addition, he continuously improves his knowledge by way of learning from other healers, praying in temples and other sacred places, and through spiritual discipline.

To pass down knowledge to other generations, Guru Made Sumantra established Yoga Healing Bali. In the unique environment where healing occurs on many levels, he has been able to help countless locals as well as people from around the world with their physical and spiritual concerns.

Through his work and the financial support of Yoga Healing Bali, Guru Sumantra was able to establish Ashram Civa Linggam, Markandeya Yoga Fondation and Windhu Siwa Yoga Fondation. The Ashram was founded to further assist the spiritual needs of the seeker and offer people from other cultures the opportunity to fully experience his culture and develop an understanding of Universal Spirituality. There are accommodations in the Ashram for any person who wishes to study deeply in a very quiet, serene, isolated environment.

Throughout his entire life, Guru Made Sumantra has devoted both time and money to local communities and currently travels around the world to help people. To continue his mission, he recently established Windhu Siwa Yoga Foundation to provide his healing assistance around the world.