For Self Intelligence: IQ, EQ, SQ And AQ

Heel you self by Soul and Four Spirit Guardians

Understanding of the goals of meditation in the expectations of the participants.

Intelligence is a general term used to describe the nature of mind which includes a number of abilities, such as reasoning, planning, problem solving, abstract thinking, understanding ideas, using language, and learning.

Currently it is quite popular about three human intelligences, namely Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence. But here will be added one more namely Adversity Intelligence.

Intellgence Quotient (IQ) is a measure of one’s intellectual ability, analysis, logic and ratio. Thus, this is related to speaking skills, awareness of space, awareness of something that appears, and mastery of mathematics. IQ measures our speed to learn new things, focuses on various tasks and exercises, saves and recalls objective information, engages in thought processes, works with numbers, abstracts and analytical thinking, and solves problems and applies pre-existing knowledge . If our IQ is high, we have excellent capital to graduate from all types of tests brilliantly, and achieve high scores in the IQ test.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) has two directions and two dimensions, inward direction (personal) means a self-awareness (self awareness), self-acceptance (self acceptance), and self respect (self respect), and self-mastery (self mastery) and the direction of exit (interpersonal) means the ability to understand people (to understand others), accept people (to accept others), trust people (to trust others), and influence people (to influence others).

Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is essentially transcendence, namely the process of crossing, exceeding, translating the usual meaning, especially from the material region to the spiritual region, and from the rough form to the sublime form. In this case life is not solely to obtain material things but must be truly lived out as a series of charities for fellow human beings and worshiping God. So that it is not enough if we only rely on intelligence and emotional intelligence. Strengthening our faith and piety will build noble character and morality so that everything we do solely pleases and pleases God, so that what we do will feel meaningful, enjoyable, and we do it full of joy, without mere compulsion.


Well, the last is Adversity Quotient (AQ), have you heard? According to the dictionary adversity means misfortune, difficulty, and suffering. AQ here is our intelligence when facing all these difficulties. Some people try to keep up with it, some are easily subdued and give up. Thus adversity intelligence is a power of human intelligence-moral manners subordinate his challenges, bend his difficulties, and sum up his problems while taking advantage of those victories.

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