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Please attend the Fuul moon festival at De Mantra Ubud Bali. We do meditation, melukat and rutual full moon together.

Please save the program date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, August 15, 2019, November 12, 2019 and December 11, 2019
The program is 09.00 am – 11.00 am
Event venue at De Mantra House Of Yoga And Healing Ubud-Bali. Location Here.
The tool that was brought by the participant, Canang Sari and dressed in Balinese customs. as well as taking one sarong for the melukat event.
Donation: IDR 200,000 / person.

The composition of the festival program:

 1. Scratching ( the Purification Negative Karma )


The ritual of melukat is a ceremony to cleanse the mind and soul spiritually in human beings. The Melukat Ceremony is held on a good day and is a traditional custom that has been carried out by humankind throughout the ages and has continued to this day. The notion of spiritual purification is a process to eliminate the gross influence in human beings. Klesa means dirty. There are five Klesa, namely Awidya, meaning darkness of soul because they feel smart, rich, young, strong, noble, beautiful or handsome. Asmita is selfish, Raga emphasizes the indulgence of lust, Dwesa is hate and revenge, Abhiniwesa is fear. If five klesa dominates human life, then that life is called dirty life.

As for the meaning of the Melukat ceremony, in every human being has a bad and dirty nature, so that trait must be purified and cleansed again.

Melukat comes from the word Sulukat Su, and it is purified, so it cleanses itself in order to obtain goodness, forgiveness.

There are various stories of why this melukat ceremony was carried out:

The story of Dewi Uma who was cursed and transformed into a creepy creature, was placed in Setra Gandamayu and given the name Ra Nini, then Batara Guru appeared who infiltrated Sadewa to purify Ra Nini, and returned Dewi Uma in her original form. Then Goddess Uma taught how to cleanse all stains and evil by invoking the holy water in front of Lord Shiva, by pleading in front of the Shiwam Linga. The water touched in the shiwa linggan will magically turn into the Sacred Turta of the Ganges with the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Bima’s story when sent by Drona / Dorna to get holy water, then Duryodana’s tactic to trap Bima, but Bima actually met Mahadewa in the form of a small child who told the secrecy of the holy water or the amerta water and could get Shiwa Linggam water, running water from Shiwa Linggan it automatically becomes sci water, and is useful for all purposes.

The story of Meng Bekung who found a giant egg when he went to forest and then brought it home, when boiled to make a side dish, the egg hatched instead of ripe from the hatching egg, out a half-snake man, complete with his scales turned out the giant egg is the manifestation of the shame of Sang Hyang Siwa and Dewi Uma, who made a love affair in the sky, to cover up the shame of their actions both transformed into crowned snakes and left an egg. When a catastrophe occurs in the kingdom where Meng Bekung originates and cannot be overcome in any way, then an Rsi gets wangsit to make offerings and the victim is a half snake man, on the orders of Rsi, the snake’s human body is cut into ‘caru ‘(sacrifice), then the body pieces are thrown into various directions of the wind. After performing the ceremony suddenly Sang Hyang Siwa appeared and returned the half-snake human form to become intact which transformed into a handsome man and then gave a hint about the principle of the universe renewal by implying Tirta Shiwa to the Pecak Upakara will automatically purify all evil spirits.


The process of this painting ceremony:

The ceremony is led by a teacher Made Sumantra or who is appointed to represent, then the prepared offerings are given spells to invite the strength of the Siva Dewa Shiva and invoke the blessings of the Panga Ganga. Done in front of Shiwa Linggam.
The person who will be ceremonially preached is spelled by Guru Made Sumantrawith the special Markasya Rsi Mantra ..
After the spreading process is finished, the person who is performed is splashed / watered (cleaned) with water splashed at Shiwa Linggam and the water flowing to the ground is used for painting.
After taking a bath of water from Shiwa Linggam, it would also be nice for the concerned person to take a bathing ritual by taking Tirtha in a house mixed in little by little with water for bathing.

With this Melukat ceremony, all believe and expect all things that are dirty or negative, especially those in themselves and the mind, to be clean, holy and contain positive things to continue in the future.

Screaming at Shiwa Linggam for purifying oneself, peace of mind, mind and peace of mind is the most sought after by all humanity in the face of this world. But if all of that is not based on the belief that the Almighty God who gave it does not mean anything.

One important element in human life on earth is water. Almost two thirds of the earth consists of water, which distinguishes it from other planets in the universe. Not only the earth, two thirds of the substances that make up the human body are also water. So important, water has become a daily necessity and humans cannot live without water.
In the ritual of melukat, besides being tirtha, water is also used as a means of physical and spiritual self-cleansing in a ritual called melukat …
Some of the devotees carry out this painting at Shiwa Linggam, as a symbol of cleansing themselves from all defilements to be able to be in a clean mind and contain positive things to continue life. There are also those who do it to get healing from illness, get offspring, authority and others. Even so, all of them are requests addressed to God through the intermediary of water and the power of jnana, Guru’s mantra worship.

the allotment The strength of the tirtha water that will appear according to the request of the person who is rolling. such as tirtha penglukatan, pebersih, sudamala, cetik (poisons), and so on. People who want to bow can choose what to do. In preparation, the people offer offerings and offer prayers near Shiwa Lingam first. Scratching starts with waving your head, washing your face or taking a shower for a while with the water coming out of Yoni Shiwa Linggam. After rolling, the congregation then made the final prayer.
Cleansing yourself with the intermediary of water in order to achieve peace and tranquility in the body and soul is something that is sought after by mankind. All are based on the belief that God Almighty gave it. Harmony in the relationship between humans, nature and God must always be maintained in order to bring goodness to life now and in the future.

Each water droplet has a very strong vibration of chastity that will be able to clean various kinds of negative things and also provide peace and peace for someone who screams at Shiwa Linggam, Penglukatan also serves to clear barriers to the line of fate, fortune and one’s soul mate , thus causing fate, sustenance and soul mate to shine brightly and smoothly without obstacles. In addition, someone who diligently works at Shiwa Linggam will also be healthy and look young.

If you are interested in the FUUL MOON FESTIVAL at De Mantra Ubud Bali.
Please contact:

Address : JL Raya Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, Ubud Bali
Phone : (+62) 361 975 650 Cellular: (+62) 878 611 878 25 WA : (+62) 821 138 50 694
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