The Holy Sound Of Bali


Literature Tah: Lontar Prakempa, Genta Pinahara Pitu.

Teacher Tah: Tri Teacher, Maha Yogi Rsi markandeya, Empu Sidhimantra, Rsi Madura.

Dresta Tah: Jawa Dwipa and Bali Dwipa.

Swa Tah: Buwana Usadha.


Balinese Bell Healing and Sound Healing

Genta Bali is a bell made specifically by using a certain metal mixture (Panca Datu) which can produce tones like the sounds of the universe. This tile is used as a means of meditation by sounding it. How to ring this bell by rocking in the left hand. In this way, the bell phallus will touch the yoni bell lip, this situation will vibrate to produce a basic frequency sound (first harmonic) and usually two harmonic tones are heard also in the second and third harmonic tones.

Benefits of Genta Sound:

As a bow and arrows are concerned

Soul power cannot be destroyed

The main strength of meditation

His voice heals the soul.

His voice trembled Supreme Awareness

His voice is the voice of God in the universe

A voice that makes you happy.

The recipient of the vibration is the greatest blessing

The Vibration Is More Extraordinary Than All Charms

Strength unites quality

Humans wherever he is and whatever he does, the concept of life balance will become the basis of philosophy or logic contained in Prakempa’s ejection, the concept of human life balance can be realized in several dimensions, namely:

Balance of human life in a single dimension.
Balance of human life in a dualistic dimension.
Balance of human life in three dimensions.
Balance of human life in four dimensions.
Balance of human life in five dimensions.
Balance of human life in six dimensions.
Balance of human life in seven dimensions.
Balance of human life in eight dimensions.
Balance of human life in nine dimensions.
Balance of human life in ten dimensions.

The entire dimension (conception) of the balance of human life above becomes the basis of the philosophy of the realization of the Prakempa ejection and the conception of that balance will appear one by one in the ejection.

According to the philosophy of Prakempa that sound (sound) is closely related to the five-dimensional conception called Panca Mahabhuta, namely Pertiwi, Bayu, Apah, Teja and Akasa. The sound of each color spreads throughout the earth and finally forms a circle called Bhvana’s Circle of Riders. The creator of the sound is called Bhagawan Wiswakarma and his creation takes the idea of ​​sound 8 (eight) in all parts of the world whose source is at the bottom of the earth. The sounds (sounds) were formed into 10 (ten) tones, namely 5 (five) Pelog tones and 5 (five) Slendro tones. The tones are related to Panca Tirta and Panca Geni, two sources of balance in human life.

The Pelog barrel has a relationship with Panca Tirta and Laras Slendro with regard to Panca Geni. Panca Tirta is a manifestation of Bhatara Smara and Panca Geni which is a manifestation of Bhatari Ratih. Of the 10 (ten) tones inspired by Smara and Ratih as the Loving Gods, they are based on 7 (seven) tones which are as follows: ding, dong, deng, deung, dung, dang, daing. The seven notes above are the source of sound in Balinese gambelan and according to Prakempa the sound (sound) is called Genta Pinara Pitu (seven distance sound.


The actual healing process through entraining our brain waves to synchronize with the tone resonance of the bell. This unique tone creates a vibration of energy that is perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking and receiving intuitive messages. The impact of sound vibrations will affect our nervous system, which is associated with relaxation reflexes and inhibits stress or pain.

“If we accept that the sound of vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical body, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body. One reason for sound healing also affects the physical level because it is so touching and changing us at the emotional and spiritual stage. Sound can correct imbalances at every level of physiological function and can play a positive role in the treatment of almost all health problems. ”

Genta voice, not only affects a lot of physical healing but also the implications that occur at the emotional and spiritual level. This is a regenerative process with a spiritual awakening that can have major consequences on disease and all aspects of our lives.

How is the role of Genta Voice in helping the healing process?

Material is energy that vibrates at a slower frequency forming a finite subtle and forming a harmonious overall frequency system. Every part of the body has a different resonant frequency. When organs or other parts of the body, vibrating “out of tune” or dis-harmonious, this will complicate cooperation between parts of the cell or even cooperation between organs, this causes interference or even organ failure. So what is called disease is a manifestation of dis-harmony in the body, an imbalance in organ cells caused by energy imbalances.

The body can be in good health when each cell and each organ resonate in harmony with the entire frequency of the body’s presence. So, by changing the level of vibration we can also change the structure of the material, both to restore balance and to increase the frequency or ability to vibrate higher, so that the quality of life both emotionally and spiritually will increase rapidly.

Genta sounds can be used for healing and for energy enhancement based on the idea as above that all diseases are caused by barriers to the flow of energy in the body. When the energy flow is inhibited, the organ or tissue concerned does not vibrate at a healthy frequency and thus produces a kind of weakness or excess called disease. The sound frequency produced by Genta returns and optimizes the flow of energy in which parts of the body this is needed. call it harmonization.

Genta’s voice brings out a throbbing tone that feels well and helps you to relax. The more you listen more relaxed, your brain waves will be easily carried away by the buzz of the frequency of the sound so that your brain waves can “tighten”, the frequency of the brain decreases and at a later stage you can experience a pleasant mood and productive mental or emotional. The range of brain waves at a frequency of 7-8 Hertz (cycles per second) is called the theta wave, this area is very important for healing the body, mind and soul, increasing intelligence, creativity and self-healing and a deeper body mechanism is activated.

Chakra Balancing with Genta Sound

Chakra is an energy portal that is taught in ancient Yoga knowledge systems. Most people discuss discussing the seven main chakras but actually there are thousands or even millions (because of the many) energy portals throughout the body.

Energy imbalances can also be observed from this chakra system associated with the endocrine glands. When physical dysfunction occurs in one place or more it is considered that chakra is blocked, dysfunctional or unbalanced. Chakra imbalances are reflected in various kinds of mental, emotional and physiological dysfunctions.

The tone produced by Genta will restore the chakra condition to its condition naturally. Sound waves in a sine wave form correct frequencies to an unbalanced chakra, then bring it back to normal function. This overall balancing effect makes balanced chakra which in turn increases healing at the cellular and systemic level throughout the body followed by theta rhythm. Repeatedly listening to the sound of bells can help the body / mind to get rid of toxins while training the chakra and physical body to remain in a balanced state.

Although Chakra explanation is far from scientific facts, ancient yoga literature and energy practitioners and holistic healing practitioners show that their balance is part of the overall healing process at every level of dysfunction. Balancing the body in many ways and ancient cultures will complement current health care, starting with sound therapy like the sound of bells.

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3 Days Course, and 5 hours per day

include: 1 pcs Balinese Bell and Sertificate.


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