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What is PRAKAT?

With a spiritual vibration since the womb, with a spiritual touch from Adhi Yogi and doing sedhana yoga since young, becoming a yoga teacher around the States. With the steady steps in life in sedhana Yoga. So Guru Made Sumantra managed to find and cultivate all the core energy of all levels of yoga, becoming the most High energy capable of guiding, protecting and healing all living beings in this world as the awareness of the Great Soul. This energy is the result of the union, the purification of the core of the power of Hatha, the power of tantra, the power of karma, the power of devotion, the power of the mantra, the power of yantra and the power of jnana. All these energy initiatives of Yoga are gathered into the highest energy, which Guru Made Sumantra calls the energy of PRAKAT. Because this Prakat arises from sedhana all levels of Yoga, so the process of achieving it is a science that is very Secret and is bestowed by Shaktipat from Grand Master to Master from Master to Practitioner.
Because this great energy will touch the Souls, so that he will be universal, will flow without discriminating between groups, tribes, religions, and the State and without distinguishing all branches of scholarship on this earth.
How to access it is very simple, without heavy men and the results are amazing and beyond our power, because this energy flow from the vibrations of the Soul of the Soul.
All ages will helpful if this train, all practitioners will get benefits from this science.
This science has been studied and conducted by many people in the World who are members of “PRAKAT international, Global Balinese Energy Healing”
This science will be channeled through Shaktipat, so the energy will only be accessible in the direct guidance of the Grand Master or the masters. This science will not be learned by people who have not been in Shaktipat.
For those who want serious in meperlajari this science, please Join the PRAKAT International.

Benefits after joining the Shaktifat PRAKAT Energy are very much like:

1. Revive the power of the cell system and the healer within us.
2. Maintain a balance of emotional and mental physical energy.
3. Heals all major illnesses both medical and non medical.
4. Strengthen the power of self-protection from negative environmental influences.
5. Develop the opening of all major and minor chakras.
6. Develop and clean up all Nadhi.
7. Destroy all Garanthi in the body that inhibits the energy channel.
8. Growing trust, confidence and self-discipline.
9. Pampered in all social environments because charisma is raised.
10. Destroying all the obstacles of fortune and abundance.
11. Aktive and creative in running life.
12. Able to protect property and family from evil intentions.
13. Develop inner love.
14. Lead the practitioner practically.
15. Every speech we please others and give a positive effect.
16. Cleaning of the conscience.
17. Third eye opening, translucency and high-level viewability.
18. Increase self-wisdom, and high-level jnana flow.
19. Able to heal yourself, and others.
20. Able to heal Remote Distance.
21. Make High Level protection with all media and facilities.
22. As well as many other wonders to be gained by Practitioners.
What is PRAKAT and how to evoke PRAKAT

1. What are the non-physical / delicate energy systems in the body?

The universe is sustained by the existence of a God Almighty solely. According to Way of Practice, the energy of God YME used in the running (ie, creation, maintenance and consolidation) of the universe is Chaitanya (Divine Awareness). In relation to humans, Chaitanya is known as cheetana and is part of God’s Energy YME necessary for human functioning.
The chetanaa is of two types and, depending on the circumstances of its activity, the chetanaa takes two different names:
• active chetanaa – Also known as prana-shakti or vital energy. The vital energy or prana-shakti nourishes and energizes the physical body, the mind, the Intellect and the subtle ego. The energy is distributed through non-physical / fine channels known as nadis (pulse-pulse). These nadis are prevalent throughout the body and supply energy to cells, nerves, arteries, lymph, and so on.
• non-active chetanaa – Known as Kunḍalinī. This Kundalini sleeps inside a person until it is activated for spiritual growth.
• A chetanaa, is the energy of the soul, the atman which is the power of God in the self,

2. What is PRAKAT used for?

PRAKAT is used primarily for spiritual growth. PRAKAT is not used for, nor taking part in daily body functions.

3. How to evoke PRAKAT?

PRAKAT becomes active through spiritual practice or spiritual distribution of energy.

3.1 PRAKAT activation through spiritual practice

These include practices that are under the basic spiritual paths to God such as the Way of Action / Action (Karmayoga), Devotional Devotion Bhakti Yoga Road, the deliberate physical processing of the (Haṭhayoga) and the Grace of the Master’s Grace (Gurukripāyogaga ). Practice practices in the Hathayoga Way include, celibacy, Prāṇāyama (breathing exercises) and yogic exercises and other spiritual practices.
Some people try to impose activation of the PRAKAT with efforts through a deliberate physical (Hathayoga) physical processing Path. However, this may cause harmful effects. Some may even go insane from the practice.

3.2 Transfer of Energy or Shaktipāt

Shaktipat refers to the presenting of the PRAKAT energy to a person by another person, especially a Grand Master of Prakat (A person who has advanced spiritually) towards his disciple. Shaktipat can be channeled through the sacred word, or by sight, thought or touch – the latter example is usually channeled into the Ādnyā-chakra or eyebrow chakra of the recipient. It is considered an act of grace from Master to his worthy disciple. The distribution of this energy itself begins the awakening of PRAKAT.
Upon resurrection, the level of development of the PRAKAT subsequently depends on the increased and continuous efforts of the disciple
in doing spiritual practice.

3.3 Recommended ways to generate and distribute PRAKAT (how to generate the PRAKAT recommended)

Whatever the spiritual path, when there is spiritual growth, PRAKAT becomes ascended. Guru Made Sumantra recommends regular spiritual practice in accordance with the six basic principles of spiritual practice, to help evoke PRAKAT naturally. Here, the unmanifest / intangible Teacher Principles or Principles of teachings from God Himself will awaken PRAKAT. Because PRAKAT itself is activated by the grace of the Master, it will automatically transcend and transform spiritually to the seeker (seeker).
On the other hand, if energy is bestowed on a spiritual seeker as in shaktipat, it is like when a person is suddenly given excessive spiritual energy, while the experience gained is very interesting and can become almost addictive, but only by increasing the number of spiritual practices at the level qualitative and quantitative qualities that can guarantee the grace of the continuing gift of Master’s Principles. This can evoke PRAKAT on the right path and strengthen the consciousness / belief of the spiritual seeker.
To better understand this, let us use an analogy.
• Using your own efforts in regular spiritual practice is like working hard and then accumulating wealth

• Raising PRAKAT with direct energy distribution is like being born into a millionaire family in which the father provides his son with instant money.
From both of the above examples, obtaining spiritual fortunes is always more sustainable and a definite choice for future growth.

3.4 Important aspects of PRAKAT

Just as the heart is the central organ (organ) of the circulatory system and the brain of the nervous system, similarly, the non-physical / fine energy system has various centers (chakras), channels and vessels.
There are 72000 non-physical / fine channels (nāḍī). From these channels where the three main channels are:
• Sushumnānāḍī, or Shiwanadhiyaitu, the main channel extending from the base of the spine to the top of the head,
• Pingalā or Wisnunadhi ie, the channel that spans the right side of the sushum, and
• Iḍā or Brahmanadhi), that is, the channel that extends on the left side of the sushum.
Vital energy is transmitted in the body through the Brahma pulse and Vishnu pulse and other small pulses. This vital energy flows between Brahmanadhi and Wisnunadhi.
PRAKAT is spiritual energy and for the average human this energy is generally still not terealiasasi / not active. With spiritual practice, this energy begins to rise from the base of the spine through the pulse sushumna to the top of the head. While this happens, PRAKAT activates every chakra traversed along the way.

As PRAKAT passes through each chakra along the sushumna pulse, there is a thin, non-physical / fine valve that needs to be pushed through each chakra to make its journey forward upward. As PRAKAT continues to push through the wall / valve, there is sometimes an increase in the amount of spiritual energy from the pulse sushumna to the chakra that is passed. Because it has no place to be released, that energy sometimes flows out through the subtle / non-physical vessels around it and is converted into Prāṇa-shakti or vital energy. In that time period, the person concerned may experience increased activity related to the area. For example, the increase of Prāṇa-shakti or vital energy around the sacrum or Swādishṭhān-chakra area can lead to increased sexual arousal.
As discussed earlier, PRAKAT rose through spiritual practice irrespective in any way, however, the pattern may change in how each Way to God is perceived. For example, when PRAKAT passes Anāhat-chakra or heart:
• On the Road of Devotion / Devotion, the spiritual seeker, is said to have attained the bhāv manifestation (emotion / spiritual feeling), which is the state of the manifested spiritual emotion.
• But with respect to the Way of Knowledge, a seeker begins to sense the Chaitanya or the Consciousness of God.
some of the more common signs and symptoms of a rising PRAKAT include:
• Unintentionally, trembling or shaking
• Intense heat, mainly because of the energy perceived through the chakras
• Pranayama, āsan, mudrā and bandha spontaneously
• Visions or voices at any time related to a particular chakra
• Intensive, intense feelings
• Emotional cleansing in which certain emotions become dominant in a short period of time.

The above are more visible effects in shaktipat as a way of raising PRAKAT. Spiritual seekers / God-seekers who are serious about spiritual development must realize that while these experiences seem very real and interesting, they are only the initial results and experiences of the sudden distribution of spiritual energy, and not in any way is the end of the spiritual practice itself or the harmony with the real purpose of life.


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