( The right time for purification of inner and outer self )

There’s a reason Bali is known as the ‘Island of the Gods.’ Here we explore the intimate connection between the full moon and the area’s sacred rites and ceremonies, and how you can recreate them on your holiday
The combined influence of Balinese Hinduism and culture permeates through every aspect of daily life and traditions – imbuing Bali with a distinct and integral spiritual richness and cultural fusion not found anywhere else.
Not a single day goes by without a ceremony, festival or ritual taking place across the island, where locals make ceremonial offerings to the Gods and spirits to honour the cycle of life, express gratitude and restore balance between the Gods, man and nature. One of the most sacred days in the Balinese Hindu calendar is the full moon, or ‘Purnama,’ when the moon is believed to yield its strongest energy and is at its most auspicious, powerful and magical. Thus temple ceremonies or other kinds of religious celebrations and rituals held on full moon days are one of the month’s – and island’s – most important, when the Balinese thank the Gods for their protection, counter negative forces, wash away sins and celebrate ‘Rwa Binneda’ – the co-existence of two energies of life; good and evil, darkness and brightness.
The following full moon activities take place at D – Mantra, House Of Yoga And Haling Ubud Bali; this works out more expensive than going native and doing the same with the locals in traditional villages. However, the formal establishments give insightful instructions and explanations in English (nothing lost in translation here), all contributing to a fascinating interactive cultural experience – and take-home Balinese memories.

Purify the soul in Bali

Melukat is a purification ritual that’s also a uniquely Balinese experience. (It’s actually an ancient prayer ritual to purify mind and body.) Melukats are performed when entering a new phase in life, recovering from sickness, or celebrating rites of passage, such as marriage. De – Mantra House Of Yoga And Healing – offers an authentic Melukat. With their ‘Soul Purification Ritual,’ both guests and outsiders can not only participate in an important religious tradition, but embark (hopefully) on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and enrichment.
Like all acts of Balinese culture worship, Melukat centres around holy water – an agent of the power of the Gods – which is believed to cleanse spiritual impurities, fend off evil forces and render the recipient immune to the attacks of negative influences. Unusually, this purification ceremony takes place just after sunrise, , when the full moon is said to be at its most powerful. It’s also the most sacred time of day for devotions – and when just-risen Surya, the Sun God, commands offerings for fresh new beginnings.
The Holy water is revered as a source of energy and life with transformative powers and a medium for spiritual renewal, healing and rejuvenation Thus this Melukat is performed on the De- Mantra Full Moon meditation Program, where participants kneel on a woven mat behind piles of fruit, flowers and incense offerings. First, a series of prayers and devotions to the Gods (with palms pressed together, thumbs touching the forehead and hands raised high with fingers pointing upwards), followed by a ‘Tepung Tawar’ ritual, cleansing the body, mind and soul with holy water (a mix of young coconut, temple and sea water), washing your hands, feet, face and head, then drinking the water from cupped palms, repeated three times. Here, highly symbolic rituals of brushing an egg and then flowers over the hands, tearing of a palm leaf basket and rice grains stuck on the ‘third-eye’ and neck chakras are administered.
Finally, Guru Made Sumantra ties a Benang Tridatu string around your wrist; the red, white and black- coloured threads symbolizing the manifestations of the three main Hindu Gods and quest for balance, harmony and understanding, with a red blessing thread around your big toe – these, worn until they drop-off.

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